Building Effective Innovation Teams

Lean Startup has ushered in a revolution within the startup community. Walk into any startup incubator in the country and you’ll quickly hear the terms “Build – Measure – Learn” and “MVP”. Virtually every technology startup that matures into a revenue generating company is built on the foundation of finding the minimum path to business value (revenue, market share, etc).

The successes of Lean Startup haven’t gone unnoticed at larger companies. More and more well established companies are forming their own innovation groups to better compete with these smaller, more agile companies.

Unfortunately the same formula for success in startups does not translate well a larger organization. The things that seem to be advantages for the larger companies (stable budget for innovation, availability of existing team resources, active customer base to validate new business ideas against) more often than not become limiting factors.

Playing the innovation game within an established company is a complex endeavor. We can help you to navigate this complexity and set your teams up for success.

MVP Development

Have a great idea for a new business / product but don’t have the team with the skills necessary to quickly build something that will allow you to validate your idea in the real world? Let us be your MVP partner. With our experience in building and operating MVP experiments we can greatly reduce the cost of validating your new idea for a product / service offering.