Being “Agile” has never been more popular than it is right now. Don’t believe it? Try to find a single Fortune 500 company that doesn’t have IT teams practicing Scrum. Or go to any startup community pitch event and see if you can spot a single hopeful startup that isn’t practicing Lean Startup.

So how are we doing? Are large companies getting better at innovation within their products and services? Are smaller companies responding faster to competitive pressures? Are more startups transitioning into revenue generating companies?

Being agile means that individuals and teams work (behave) in a different way. Changing how individuals and teams behave takes time. No certification class will teach you when it is the right time to NOT use their practices.

No two teams operate in the same way. Individual teams will change how they work over time. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” methodology. The mission of Iterative Innovation is to help companies determine the right combination of practices in their software development process that allows them to deliver value faster and more flexibly than their competition.

The Team

Jonathan House – Founder

Jonathan has been learning what works (and does not) in the Agile space since the heady days leading up to the Dot Com crash in 2000. He has hands-on experience working with every major Agile methodology and has demonstrated over and over that the methodology isn’t the secret sauce, the team is.
In addition to being a thorn in the sides of consultants selling snake-oil Agile he is an experienced enterprise level software architect, product and portfolio owner and reasonably good coder.
When he is not at work you can usually find him falling out of a perfectly good airplane, or looking for that next great powder run at the nearest ski resort.

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