Iterative Innovation

The mission of Iterative Innovation is to deliver value early and often. We accomplish this by understanding your need is and then rapidly delivering a solution that addresses your immediate need and is aligned with the strategic goal of improving your ability to deliver value sooner and more often.

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  • Classes

    All teams are different. Why should we think that a single methodology will address all of their needs? Iterative Innovation training courses are designed to take you beyond the simple “Follow this formula to the letter and you’ll be successful” of certification oriented training and goes deeper into why specific practices are followed, how to tell when they aren’t working for your team and where to find the practices that will work.

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  • Coaching

    If you’re starting with training you are wrong.

    Wholesale adoption of a new methodology is a recipe for a failed adoption. Incremental changes should be informed by what your organization already does and does not do well.

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  • Strategy Consulting

    Modern technology companies operate in a fundamentally different way than traditional businesses.

    The only reliable predictor of delivery of business value is how well aligned your IT organization is with the mission of the business.

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