Delivering on the promise of Agile

For years now Agile has promised to deliver better business outcomes. A whole new industry dedicated to training and certification in Agile practices has emerged. But we have barely moved the needle in regards to actually improving business outcomes.

Iterative Innovation is focused on one thing. Improving business outcomes for your company. We accomplish this by relying on the same core principles that are at the heart of Agile – iterate and reflect.

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  • Classes

    What is the value of being “certified” in a specific methodology when the practices your team needs aren’t in the box?

    Our training focuses on two key objectives. First is hands-on experience with multiple methodologies. Second is understanding the principles behind the practices so you know when something isn’t delivering the expected outcome for your team.
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  • Coaching

    The first thing you’ll notice about our coaching engagement is that we start by finding out what your team is doing right.

    We use this information to focus your Agile adoption roadmap on what will deliver the best business outcome for your team. And we will not cause your team’s productivity to plummet by changing multiple practices at the same time.

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  • Delivering Innovation

    Talk to any CEO about the benefits of Agile and they will say that there is only one thing that matters – improving their business outcome. Business outcome is measured by revenue and market share, not sprints and story points.

    We can make a difference to your business by helping you launch high performing innovation teams and/or partnering with you on MVP development.
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